Uniden XDECT R002 Repeater

UnidenSKU: CTR002

Sale price$98.00


Uniden XDECT R002 Repeater Station enables you to extend your signal range and coverage even on broader and dense locations. It is designed in Japan, making it's Cordless Phone Technology more incredible. Uniden intentionally made the XDECT R002 Repeater for Australia and New Zealand conditions.

Key Features

  • Indoor Repeater Station: It allows you to experience the best features and functions of your Uniden XDECT R Series Cordless Phones. It extends the signal range and coverage to other connected repeater station from the main base.
  • Wi-Fi Network Friendly: No need to worry about any interference as the XDECT’s range is wireless-network friendly. It will not let your cordless phone impede with other wireless networks.
  • Ideal for High-Density Areas: The Uniden XDECT R002 Repeater works best if you want a long-range phone for your bigger or multi-levelled properties, houses, farms, and high-density urban living spaces.
  • Compatibility: This optional desktop repeater station works with XDECT R055 Series, XDECT R035BT Series, XDECT 83XX Series, XDECT 81XX Series, XDECT 80XX Series, and Elite 91XX Series.
  • Easy Installation: You can mount it on your wall or use its desktop stand.

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