DAC Ruggedised Telephones

Reliability. Durability. Weather and Vandal Resistant.

RA708 Ruggedised Telephone

Available for a diverse array of industrial applications

RA711 Ruggedised Handsfree Telephone

One of the most reliable handsfree telephones available.

N2 is proud to act as a distributor in New Zealand for all DAC Limited phones and related products. DAC design and manufacture a wide range of weatherproof telephones, emergency telephones and help points. Their product line includes the established RA708 and RA711 which are available as PSTN, GSM/GSM-R and VoIP, plus the unique “TUFF” handset and stowage. These highly reliable and easy to install telephones and handsets are sustainably manufactured to the highest standards in the United Kingdom, and sold worldwide for applications as diverse as industry, railways and correctional facilities. Vandal and weather resistant telephones are a vital component when providing private and public access communication.

DAC's mission statement:
Promote unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company. Profit from honesty and integrity. Encourage innovation, professionalism and quality.

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UK Network Rail Approved

DAC have received Network Rail Acceptance for their range of Vandal and Weather Resistant Telephones. Network Rail is the not for profit owner and operator of much of the UK's railway infrastructure. DAC developed a solar powered stand alone phone solution for use in remote locations without cable instrastructure.

The DAC RA708 was chosen by British Network Rail as ‘the preferred telephone model – and the phone of choice,’ selected following trials and proven ‘more reliable.’

DAC Limited have supplied GSM-R Level Crossing Telephones for installation on the remote Wherry line route at three key crossings(see below image). The rural nature of this route demonstrates perfectly the advantages of the Network Rail approved DAC GSM / GSM-R Telephone.

DAC Phones on the Utraphimuk Elevated Tollway

DAC were asked to provide emergency phones for the 30 km stretch of Utraphimuk Elevated Tollway in Thailand. The “Don Muang Tollway Public Company Limited” was also considering another manufacturer from China and requested a trial of both sets of telephones. The trial was conducted over a two month period exposing a number of issues with the Chinese telephone becoming non-functional due to the extreme heat and rain. DAC telephones functioned well during the trial without issue and were chosen for the project.