N2 is proud to act as a distributor in New Zealand for all Lynx Avionics products. Lynx Avionics have been producing premium quality light aviation communications equipment for over 20 years, and have worked closely with pilots to ensure their products meet customer demands.

Quality Communications Equipment for Light Aviation

With over 20 years of expert research & development, LYNX Headsets and Accessories offer the very best in terms of quality for your money.

Rugged and Durable Design

Tried and tested, LYNX products are built to last. Their experienced engineers ensure that every product LYNX manufactures is robust and hard wearing.

At the Forefront of Pilot Communications

Transform your flight experience, with sound reducing technology for a peaceful, controlled, and enjoyable flight.

Why Choose Lynx Avionics?

Lynx Avionics have always provided quality products designed with the user in mind, along with a complete understanding of the environments that they are used in. This gives Lynx the edge when designing and developing new products that always exceed expectations. Constant research and development in new technology ensures users can relax and enjoy their flying experience and focus on what matters, the joy of flight.

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