CIS Secure TSG Certified Cisco 8832 Conference Phone

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The best collaboration often comes when a team is gathered together in the
same room, leading to faster decision making and more productive
interactions. When in a group setting and engaging with remote callers, the
quality of your conference phone can and will directly impact the quality and
experience of your phone call. The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 provides a
simple, flexible, scalable solution that meets the challenges of the most diverse
rooms. This loudspeaker architecture and microphones in the Cisco 8832
provide a dynamic, detailed sound with exceptional clarity, making
conferencing an in-person experience with clear and natural audio quality.
CIS Secure ensures that collaboration with callers in a conference room setting
is done securely with the DTD-8832. By optimizing the Cisco 8832 with TSGapproved
on-hook security controls and other protection mechanisms, the
DTD-8832 enables government users to securely communicate in areas where
sensitive government information is discussed. The DTD-8832 delivers a clear
and rich collaboration experience in executive offices, conference rooms and
Key Features
  • 360-degree room coverage
  • 3.9″ Color Screen
  • Wired Mic Pods
  • SIP Capable
  • Programmable Soft Keys

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