Snom M700 IP DECT Multi-cell Base Station

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The Snom M700 is an indoor multi cell base station connects to your IP PBX and acts as a SIP endpoint device while giving DECT signalling to up to 30 Snom SIP DECT handsets. The Snom M700 can be used in a single access point deployment or in a cluster with up to 40 units.

The Snom M700 gives the user a range of up to 50 meters indoors and has the ability to mounted on the wall or ceiling if necessary. When the M700 is used in a multicell environment there is seamless handover from base station to base station. This will allow the user to travel throughout the building or home.

The Snom M700 supports the snom M5 repeaters with DECT encryption to further increase the range of the handsets and bridge together base stations. This base station is PoE capable to allow for placement in any part of the building.

  • Scalable up to 40 base stations

  • Up to 200 handsets per installation

  • Wideband audio

  • Repeater support

  • Up to 8 narrowband or 4 wideband calls per base station in a multi cell setup

  • Up to 10 narrowband or 5 wideband calls per base station in a single cell setup

  • No hidden costs for licenses

  • No DECT manager required

SKU: SM-M700

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