EPOS | Sennheiser Security Cable lock

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The security cable lock safely attaches devices such as speakerphones, headsets and web cameras to tables in meeting rooms and to desks. The patent-pending design prevents inconvenient borrowing and reduces the risk of theft, ensuring that the device remains where it was placed. The security cable lock is simple to use and install; users simply insert the cable(s) and close the lock. Its small, discrete design takes up very little space on the table and it is still possible to move a speakerphone freely around a meeting room table or desk while secured. It can secure two devices simultaneously, to provide a secure and practical solution for meeting rooms and desks.

  • Ensures that the speakerphone or headset remains where it was placed.

  • Reduces risk of theft 

  • Discrete small design takes minimum table space

  • Quick and simple to set up

  • Secures two devices simultaneously

  • Choice of four fixing options 

  • K-Slot® compatible

  • Audio performance of devices is unaffected

SKU: SN-506491

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