Poly VVX 411 IP Phone


Sale price$185.00


Give your call attendant a high-quality, cost effective UC solution that will handle their moderate call volume and provide them with the advanced telephony solutions and features they expect from a modern conference room and media phone.

  • 3.5" TFT (320 x 240)

  • 12 lines or speed dial keys

  • HD Voice up to 7KHz on all audio paths (Speaker, Handset, Headset)

  • 2 x Ethernet 10/100 or GigE (VVX410 )

  • Asian character support

  • Hard Keys: 12-key dial pad, home, speaker, mute, headset, volume, messages, hold, transfer

  • 4-way navigation cluster with center “select” key

  • Supports VVX Expansion Module and VVX Color Expansion Module (Expandability up to 3 modules)

  • Skype for Business and Office 365 Cloud PBX interoperability (order "Skype for Business Edition" codes ending in "-019")

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