Panasonic KX-TGM420AZB Handset Cordless Phone

PanasonicSKU: KX-TGM420AZ

Sale price$145.00


The Panasonic KX-TGM420AZB Handset Cordless Phone boasts a classic, stylish, and prominent button design. It packs a wide range of features such as a generous LED display, extra loud sound, real-time slow talk, power failure backup, 12-hour talk time and many more.

To more easily understand fast-talking callers and indistinct voice messages, the Panasonic KX-TGM420AZB has a One-Touch Slow Talk Control to automatically slow the speed of caller voices while conversing in real time. This is particularly ideal for clarifying conversations, screening incoming calls and playing back voice messages. The Slow Talk touch buttons are conveniently placed on both the base unit and the handsets

  • Amplify your calls with voice volume of up to 40 dB. There is also a speech booster to ensure that your callers hear you loud and clear.

  • Thanks to its one-touch Slow Talk control, you can slow the speed of speech of your caller while conversing in real-time.

  • With the phone's Nuisance Call Block functionality, you can limit unwarranted calls and block number-less calls.

  • It is easy to see and use thanks to the expanded touch controls and backlit-enabled visible buttons. You can also choose from six tone levels for defining various voice types.

  • You can use this phone even on a blackout as it packs two built-in backup batteries in the base unit to keep you connected.

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