Nortel Meridian 2616


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The Meridian Option M2616D, also known as the Nortel Meridian M2616D, is a performance plus phone designed for users who require multiple lines and who need a range of features. It is compatible with the Meridian Option telephone system. The M2616D has sixteen programmable feature keys, which can be increased to thirty eight or sixty by the addition of one or two Key Expansion Modules. The Display Queue key allows users to view the number of occupied agent positions, as well as the waiting time of the longest call in the queue and the total number of calls in the Times Overflow.


  • 16 Programmable line-feature keys
  • Key Expansion Module(s) for a total of 60 line/feature keys
  • Built-in handsfree
  • Dual handsets
  • Headset Facility
  • Build-in display for call related statistics

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