Lynx Radio/Power Interface

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The Radio/Power interface is intended for fixed installation and connects one or two headsets to a radio. When connected to a suitable 12v power supply, the unit will supply power to the radio and Micro System headsets.

The radio power interface provides the means to connect one or two micro system headsets to a radio transceiver and other ancillary audio devices. When the interface is used with two headsets the equipment forms an installed intercom and radio system which can be powered by 12v. The radio/power interface is available for connection to both panel mount radios and portable radios. The interface is suppled to work with a specific make and model of radio, but it is possible to alter the electronic configuration and switch between the most common types of portable radio using internal setting switches. Two selective PTT inputs are provide dot control radio transmissions and to allow each headset to transmit independently. In addition to the primary radio connection the interface can be connected simultaneously to a music player or sound or video recording equipment. For connection to most consumer recording devices the interface provides audio output at “microphone level “All of the sound that can be heard in the headset can be recorded using this method. When connected to a suitable twelve volt power supply the interface will supply power to a portable radio and trickle charge micro system headsets. The interface may be mounted permanently using Velcro ,screws, tube clips or cable tie saddles.


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