Lynx Micro System Headset G3

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The Micro System G3 headset is Lynx's flagship headset which provides excellent audio for both intercom and radio transmissions when coupled with an intercom system. The headset comes with many features such as a built-in power source, precise volume control and noise attenuating microphone.

The G3 Headset is the latest Passive Noise Attenuation (PNR) version of the Micro System Headset. The micro system Headset is a new generation of headset which forms the basis of an intercom system designed specifically for use in very high noise environments where wind noise may also be a problem. Each headset contains a specially developed electret noise cancelling microphone, an electronic speech processor and a rechargeable battery located in the headband. Connecting two or more headsets together forms an intercom providing communication for a minimum of fifty hours. The latest G3 features include a fifty percent increase in available headset volume and immunity to aircraft transponder and mobile telephone interference. The headset also includes a new patented internal structure and speaker technology. This unique internal design provides a significant improvement in passive noise attenuation and a reduction in the weight of the headset. The microphone is mounted in a rubber anti-shock holder and is protected by a foam wind shield that can be removed easily of cleaning or replacement. Micro system headsets can be connected to a radio via a range of interface units and are fully compatible with all available radio transceivers. Each headset battery can be recharged up to one thousand times and does not suffer from any memory effect. The headset is noise attenuating and provides hearing protection in noise levels up to 110dB(A) All Lynx headsets are fitted with Silicone gel ear seals and are fully adjustable.

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