Freemate DW800 Binaural Wireless Headset

Sale price$349.00


The Freemate DW-800 Mono wireless headphones can last for 8 hours continuously and wait 50 hours, supports MS-Lync (Skype for business) connection and has 100 meters of wireless range (About 300 feet) The DW-800 is a multifunctional wireless headset which is suitable for noisy office environment with very good noise filtering ability.

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

  • Low Radiation

  • Connect to both Phone/VoIP – Optional USB cartridge for connecting to PC

  • Connect to both Phone/Smartphone – Optional Bluetooth cartridge for connecting to smartphone

  • 2 wearing styles as standard headband – Optional Binaural Headband

  • Compatibility – Compatible with most standard corded phone

  • Link range – Up to 100 meter (Approx. 300 feet)

  • Supports EHS (Electronic Hook Switch Control)

  • Easy Pairing Process

  • Receiver volume controls on headset

  • Fast battery charging

  • Optimized for MS-Lync with optional USB cartridge

  • Incoming call notification

  • On-call illumination

  • Mute button on base and headset unit

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