EPOS | Sennheiser IMPACT SDW 5014 DECT 3-in-1 Headset - PC/Mobile

SennheiserSKU: EPS-1000610

Sale price$450.00


Experience the impact of a wireless DECT communication hub that delivers rich, natural sound and total flexibility to busy, modern workplaces. Empower your workforce with headsets that boost productivity by creating focus.

Product Features:

  • Experience superior EPOS sound
  • Empower your people with total flexibility
  • Increase productivity and create focus
  • Ensure enhanced security for all your calls
  • Get all-day wearing comfort


Discover exceptional speech intelligibility

With two-microphone noise-cancelling system and own-voice detection technology.

Enjoy high-quality music and multimedia

With stereo sound that takes DECT headsets to the next level.

SKU: EPS-1000610

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