EPOS | Sennheiser CEHS-SH 01 EHS Cable - Shoretel

SennheiserSKU: EPS-1000752

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Shoretel adapter cable for electronic hook switch (EHS) suitable for: IP 212k, IP 230/230g, IP 265, IP 560/560g, IP 565/565g and IP 655. Also suitable for DW Office, DW Office MS, DW Office Phone, DW Pro 1, DW Pro 1 MS, DW Pro 1 Phone, DW Pro 2, DW Pro 2 MS, DW Pro 2 Phone, SD Office, SD Office MS, SD Pro 1, SD Pro 1 MS, SD Pro 2, SD Pro 2 MS and D 10 Phone.


  • Remotely answer your phone calls 

  • Handle all calls by the press of a single button, i.e. end the call

  • Get notified from the distance about incoming calls by the ring tone in the headset

  • Efficient and flexible call handling i.e. take or end the call

  • Call control towards the phone without using a mechanical handset lifter

  • Easy setup

EPOS Part Number: 1000752

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