EPOS | Sennheiser CEHS-AV 04 EHS Cable - Avaya

SennheiserSKU: EPS-1000741

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Avaya adapter cable for electronic hook switch suitable for; Avaya 14xx series, Avaya 94xx series, Avaya 95xx series and Avaya 96x1 IP series.

Suitable for DW Office, DW Office MS, DW Office Phone, DW Pro 1, DW Pro 1 MS, DW Pro 1 Phone, DW Pro 2, DW Pro 2 MS, DW Pro 2 Phone, SD Office, SD Office MS, SD Pro 1, SD Pro 1 MS, SD Pro 2, SD Pro 2 MS and D 10 Phone.

SKU: EPS-1000741

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