CIS Secure TSG Certified Avaya J179 VoIP Phone

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The Avaya J179 IP Phone is an IP Phone that addresses the need for everyday voice communications. It is targeted for professionals/knowledge workers/salespeople/call center – medium/high volume users who rely on the full range of telephony/productivity/collaboration features.

This Avaya J179 IP phone is a modified version that connects to your network like any other J179. The difference is the addition of Positive Disconnect On-Hook Security. The phone also allows the on-hook security features to be engaged while in a call providing “Hold” and “Mute” security. Speakerphone functionality is enabled on the device and is protected with the on-hook security of the positive disconnect electronics but can be administratively disabled via the Aura® Communication Manager.

Key Features

• Slim profile
• Automatic and Manual security options available
• Microphone removed and speakerphone disabled options available

Product Datasheet

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