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The CIS Secure DTD-X50 is a Video Telepresence Conferencing (VTC) solution designed to deliver the on-hook requirements of TSG-compliant secure collaboration. Based on the Poly Studio X50, the DTD-X50PD is an all-in-one soundbar style video codec with an HD camera, stereo speakers and integrated microphones. The DTD-X50PD works with the Poly IR Remote Control for configuration and control of the device. The DTD-X50PD also comes with a tabletop TSG switch designed to make it easy to engage and disengage the TSG mechanism while also serving as a visual indicator. The combination of components in this all-in-one solution and the flexibility of adding a tabletop makes the DTD-X50PD a great solution for a wide variety of conference room sizes and configurations.

Less than a year ago, CIS Secure brought the industry its first Microsoft Teams-native TSG-approved VoIP devices with the announcement of the DTD-CCX500 and DTD-CCX600 phones based on the Poly CCX platform. CIS Secure has continued to expand our portfolio of TSG approved by again introducing the industry’s first Microsoft Teams-native TSG-approved VTC device with the DTD-X50PD. As Microsoft Teams extends its reach deeper and deeper into the critical workflows of agencies and contractors, CIS Secure continues to innovate solutions that ensure the security of these collaboration environments.

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