CIS Secure TSG USB Positive Disconnects

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In a world of contested communications, the National Telecommunications Security Working Group has issued guidance for ensuring the proper countermeasures are in place to protect Voice over IP (VoIP) communications. The CIS Secure USB Positive Disconnect provides the security needed for collaboration peripherals connected to laptop and desktop devices running soft phones when used in secure spaces. As a TSG Certified device, our USB Positive Disconnect ensures compliance with the provided guidance when peripherals such as headsets/handsets and webcams are connected to a collaboration workstation.

The DTD-TSGPD USB Positive Disconnect is designed, developed and manufactured by CIS Secure to meet the needs of the secure government collaboration environment. The small, modern desktop design is both simple and intuitive for easy connection and use. The TSG button located on the top of the unit disables, or enables, the positive disconnect functionality. Color LED indicators at the top of the unit signify the status of the communications channel to ensure that users are aware of the current state. With the USB Positive Disconnect, users have the same protections as with a TSG phone.

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