CIS Secure Single Port TSG USB Positive Disconnects


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The CIS Secure DTD-TSGPD-USB-01 is a TSG-Approved USB isolation device which provides a positive disconnect solution for video or audio softphone communication applications. The DTD-TSGPD-USB-01 is a simple solution designed to connect a TSG-compliant USB peripheral such as a webcam or headset to a workstation running any approved softphone or collaboration software including Cisco Webex, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and many others. This single port device features a manually activated TSG button and an LED indicator which illuminates when the mechanism is engaged. The DTD-TSGPD-USB-01 is equipped with a switch that times out automatically unless the user manually deactivates, or manually extends the timer. The timer is factory set for thirty (30) minutes and may be modified to customer specification with the proper approvals.

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