CIS Secure Secure Voice, Video and Compute Kit

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The Secure Voice, Video and Compute (DTD-SVV8841-6) Kit from CIS Secure is a portable, multi-function platform capable of delivering seamless collaboration to users in the field. The DTD-SVV8841-6 has a TSG-approved Cisco 8841 phone built-in to the case. In addition, the kit has a fully integrated Avaya CU360 codec, which when coupled with the kit’s HD camera, speakers and microphone provides the user the ability to engage a secure video teleconference (VTC). CIS Secure extends the flexibility and capabilities by providing an integrated Intel NUC PC inside the case. Users can connect USB peripherals to ports in the kit to leverage full compute services and applications.

Regardless of the application or collaboration service in question, the DTD-SVV8841-6 provides the ability to ensure a secure connection when used in the field. The kit gives government users the ability to create a (Red) network with the Avaya CU360 codec, Cisco 8841, Intel NUC as well as capacity for one additional network connected device in a secure enclave on one side while still having a separate (Black) router for Internet or other WAN connectivity on the other. Giving users the unique ability to place a secure phone call, engage in a VTC session or securely use a full compute platform to run applications in a convenient package is a clear advantage when away from the office.

Key Features

  • 15.6” Color Touchscreen
  • Ruggedized Case
  • Built-in TSG Cisco 8841 Phone
  • Full Video Codec
  • Type 1 Encryption Capable

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