CIS Secure Polycom VVX450 TSG Approved IP Phone

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The Polycom VVX450 supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Session Description Protocol (SDP), IPv4, and IPv6. This Polycom VVS450 phone is a modified version that connects to your network like any other VVX450 phone. The difference is the addition of Positive Disconnect On-Hook Security. The on-hook security can be triggered automatically via the handset hook switch (Auto mode, part numbers differ) or manually disengaged after an off-hook condition is established (Manual mode). The mode is set at the factory and must be specified at time of order. The security re-engages automatically once any on-hook status is established. The phone also allows the on-hook security features to be engaged while in a call providing enhanced “Hold” and “Mute” security.

Key Features

• 4.3” Color LCD Display
• Built-in 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch for PC connection
• 12 line keys
• HD Voice up to 7kHz on all audio paths
• Open SIP and Skype for Business versions
• Supports VVX EM50 Expansion Module (2)
• Designed to meet CNSSI 5001 on-hook security
• SIP Protocol Support, SDP, IETF SIP, RTCP & RTP support

Additional Features

• The speakerphone function is enabled and protected with the TSG on-hook security. It can be ordered without the microphone (listen-only speakerphone) or with the speakerphone button disabled.

Product datasheet

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