CIS Secure Mobile Secure Video and Computer Travel Case w/ Intel Nuc

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The DTD-SVV8841-6 is a non-TEMPEST viable solution for secure mobile communications supported by Type 1 encryption capabilities (KG-250Xs/175n not included), an internal Red Trendnet gigabit switch well as a Black Cisco 5915 embedded service router to provide the mission-critical features needed while in the field.

Designed within a ruggedized case, it bolsters a Cisco 8841 IP phone and 15.6” LCD touchscreen display to simplify constant communication when needed. The DTD-SVV8841-6 provides a single secure communications source for mobility and meets all your mission requirements even in the most challenging environments.

Key Features

  • Touchscreen control for both the NUC and VTC
  • Type 1 encryption capability KG-250Xs and KG-175n compatible
  • Simple one case solution for VoIP, Data and VTC communications in the field
  • Intel NUC7i5BNH Embedded Computer, 16Gb RAM, 500Gb SSD (NVMe option available)

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