DAC 10 Watt solar panel with mounting kit for GSM/GSM-R Post


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Solar panel for use with pole mounted GSM 708 phones.

Solar Powered GSM-R Titan Metal Bodied Weather Resistant Network Rail Approved PA05/04888 Rugged, high-gain antenna as standard Tamper resistant 12V (10W) solar panel 2.5m galvanised or yellow post Up to 250 hours standby, 10 hours talk time (with no daylight) Weather resistant up to IP66 Operating temperature –20° C to +60° C Armoured steel cord handset Inductive coupler fitted as standard Remotely configurable via SMS Automatic handset acoustic path testing Remote monitoring via SMS Accepts standard 2G SIM cards, either GSM-R or GSM NETWORK RAIL APPROVED Designed for use outdoors, the new GSM-R solar powered phone offers wireless communications to give you a completely stand alone telephone.

The battery and GSM-R electronics are integral to the telephone to provide a complete rugged telephone for permanent or temporary installations. The GAI-Tronics GSM / GSM-R vandal and weather resistant telephone is accepted for use at User Worked Crossings and other similar locations where there are currently no fixed line infrastructure or, where cost savings can be made in removing the fixed line infrastructure. 15 button Full Keypad The 15 button keypad versions include: S ‘Microphone mute’ or ‘Silence’, R ‘Recall’, LR ‘Last number redial’ Hot Dial (0 button CB) Again programmable via SMS, simply lift the handset to automatically call a preprogrammed number. Advanced features of the telephone include the capability to play pre-recorded call progress announcements*; and remote management to reduce site visits and maintenance costs. For complete and comprehensive system monitoring, GAI-Tronics can offer its Telephone Management Application (TMA), see brochure B027. *An optional feature. Contact GAI-Tronics

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