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Uniden Long Range LRD750NZ Radar Detector Voice Alert

Uniden Long Range LRD750NZ Radar Detector Voice Alert


  • $349.99

Uniden's Long Range LRD750NZ Radar Detector lets you know the about road ahead and what’s behind you, protecting you in both directions. It is tuned for NZ's Redflex Mobile Speed Cameras, and it can warn you via voice alert or dot matrix display.

Key Features

  • First in Protection: Whatever's lurking in front or behind you, rest assured that the LRD750NZ can detect it. Enjoy crystal clear voice alerts that announce the unit status as it changes. It also packs an easy-to-comprehend Dot Matrix Display that showcases the band type and signal strength in an escalating bar format when a signal is recognised.

  • Packed with Features: Feel safer while driving as this unit boasts a wide range of features including 360° Laser/L2/L3 Detection, X, K, Ka SuperWideband Detection, Band On/Off Selection, VG2 Undetectable, City/Highway Modes, Mute/Dim, and Rotary Volume On/Off.

  • Inside the Box: Included in the box are a straight 12v DC power cord, a windshield mounting bracket, a Velcro® fastener tape, and a spare fuse for DC power cord.