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Uniden DFR6 Range Radar Detector

Uniden DFR6 Range Radar Detector


  • $499.99

A great companion for your travels and the daily commute, the Uniden DFR6 Range Radar Detector delivers excellent detection in the 200-meter range. This detector includes a bracket and a hook-and-loop tape to help you conveniently mount your DFR6 on the windshield and the dashboard.

Key Features

  • Boasting its super-long range of up to 200-meters, the Uniden Radar Detector gives you plenty of warning. It is also finely tuned to ensure its ability to deliver outstanding performance.

  • The DFR6 Range Radar Detector is integrated with Full Band Segmentation which effectively lessens false alarms by separating the K and Ka SWB into 12 segments.

  • You can easily navigate this Radar Detector, thanks to its easy-to-read OLED Display and Menu buttons.

  • This DFR6 Range Radar Detector comes with Mute Key which enables you to mute the voice alerts whenever you want. It also features a City button, allowing you to quickly switch between city mode and highway mode.