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Uniden DECT 3236+2 Triple Handset Cordless Phone

Uniden DECT 3236+2 Triple Handset Cordless Phone


  • $200.00

Designed and engineered in Japan, Uniden's DECT 3236+2 Triple Handset uses the Wireless Friendly DECT and Bluetooth Technology is nothing but a premium choice. We've introduced a handy feature to the DECT 3236+2 - Sporting Bluetooth Connectivity, this Cordless Phone System from Uniden enables you to dial and receive mobile calls conveniently via Bluetooth with an integrated digital answering machine.

  • Exceptional: Comes with 3 handsets. The Premium DECT 3236+2 Digital Cordless Phone System is integrated with Bluetooth Technology and an Answering Machine. 

  • Convenient: You can now conveniently download your Phonebook from your Mobiles to the Cordless Phonebook with a massive 1400 Phonebook Capacity.

  • Optimal: Another brilliant feature of the DECT 3236+2 is the DND (Do Not Disturb Function). This button allows you to mute the ringer on the handset and the base at once. Ideal for young families and shift workers.

  • Outstanding: This futuristic and innovative style of phone is ideally suited to high density living environments and has a comprehensive array of features suitable for any home. The digital duplex speakerphone on the handset makes handsfree communication a breeze.