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Uniden DECT 3216+1 Twin Handset Cordless Phone

Uniden DECT 3216+1 Twin Handset Cordless Phone


  • $139.99

Take your cordless digital phone system to the next level with Uniden 3216+1 Twin Handset Cordless Phone. It makes your communication at home user-friendly and convenient, for it allows you to connect up to six handsets from one phone line. Crystal-clear communication will always be possible whenever you are at home. It boasts its Bluetooth Connectivity feature that lets you make and receive mobile calls through Bluetooth.

Key Features

  • Do Not Disturb Function: This handset allows you to mute the ringer on both the handset and base when you don’t want to be disturbed.

  • Eco-Friendly Mode: It is enhanced with a technology that automatically saves and lowers your energy consumption every time you are using it closer to the base unit. That feature not only extends your battery life but also does not harm the environment.

  • Storage: It has a 1400 phonebook capacity and allows you to download your phonebook from your mobile phones.

  • Blackout Power Failure Protection: Every time a power failure happens, the charged handset temporarily distributes power to the base unit so you can still make and receive calls.

  • Digital Duplex Speakerphone: Talking hands-free is made possible with its speakerphone feature that allows you to talk freely even while you are doing something.