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Uniden BT446 Replacement Battery

Uniden BT446 Replacement Battery


  • $25.00

Replenish or upgrade your existing unit's power source with this Uniden BT446 Replacement Battery. Featuring top-notch efficiency, this can compensate for the broken or damaged battery of your WDECT 23XX series (except WDECT 2380 & WDECT 2385), WDECT 33XX Series, DSS 34XX Series, DSS 58XX Series, DSS 78XX Series, DSS 79XX Series, DSS 89XX Series and WDSS 53XX Series models.

Key Features

  • Uniden BT446 Replacement Battery seamlessly works with WDECT 23XX, WDECT 33XX, DSS 34XX, DSS 58XX, DSS 78XX, DSS 79XX, DSS 89XX, and WDSS 53XX series.

  • It only weighs 0.40 grams, granting power to your device without weighing it down.

  • It is rechargeable, ensuring that your phone is always powered up and ready to go.