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EPOS | Sennheiser Fonewise to Ericsson-LG EHS Adaptor

EPOS | Sennheiser Fonewise to Ericsson-LG EHS Adaptor


  • $127.00

This Fonewise EHS adapter Kit is used as an interface between Ericsson-LG™ VOIP phones (LIP-series) and wireless headsets form various manufacturers. When correctly configured, ringing signals can be heard in the headset earpiece and calls can be answered and terminated by the headset user by pressing the “Link” button on the wireless headset.

This allows the user to answer and use their phone from anywhere within the wireless headset’s range.


  • LIK phone systems must be Ver 5.5Gz or later

  • •All versions of eMG-80 and UCP systems support this EHS on IP phones

  • •LIP-8000-D series IP phones must be Ver 1.1Ef or later

  • •LIP-8000-E series IP phones must be Ver 1.0Cg or later

  • •LIP-9000 series IP phones MUST be Ver 1.0Df ONLY

  • •Fonewise EHS adapter P/N 1492-30  v2.6

SKU: EPS-504100FW