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Panasonic KX-TVM50 Voice Processing System

Panasonic KX-TVM50 Voice Processing System


  • $105.00

The Panasonic KX-T systems are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. KX-T phone systems are flexible to meet your business needs, while keeping costs down. The system allows you to take advantage of call savings with VoIP. When digitally connected to KX-TD Digital Super Hybrid and KX-TDA Hybrid IP systems the KX-TVM50 Voice Processing System offers enhanced features for improved communications. 

-Expandable from 2 to 6 ports 
-4-8 Hours of voice storage 
-Supports up to 64 mailboxes 
-Outside Message Notification 
-Live Call Screening allows users to monitor incoming messages and decide   whether or not to take the call 
-Two Way Record allows an extension user to record a telephone conversation in to  their mailbox by simply pressing a feature key on their telephone 
-Caller ID Routing1 
-Personal Greeting for Caller ID1 
-Personal Custom Services 
-External Call Transfer2 
-Intercom Paging