Nortel Meridian 2216


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The Meridian Option M2216D, also known as the Nortel Meridian M2216D, is a multi-line, digital phone that is compatible with the Meridian Option telephone system. Specifically designed for Call Centres, it has an array of features, such as dual headset jacks for use by both supervisor and agent to assist in monitoring and training. In addition the M2216D can be connected to a PC to run CAI applications, which are supported by Meridian Call Centres. This enables computer records and scripts to be matched to incoming calls and displayed at individual agent workstations. The M2216D telephone can be customised by agents and supervisors in order to provide an optimum level of customer service.


• Variety of configurations designed specifically for the call centre environment
• 16 Programmable line/feature keys
• Dual handset
• Headset Facility
• Built-in display for call-related statistics

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