Cisco 7940G IP Phone

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The Cisco 7940G is a two-line IP phone suitable for a variety of office environments. It features a large, pixel-based display with XML (Extensible Markup Language) technology, power over Ethernet capability, and duel Ethernet ports.       


  • Messages-The Cisco 7940 identifies incoming messages and categorizes them for users on the screen. This allows users to quickly and effectively return calls using direct dialback capability.
  • Directories-The corporate directory integrates with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 3 (LDAP3) standard directory.
  • Settings-The Settings feature key allows users to adjust display contrast and select a ringer tone and volume settings for all audio such as ringer, handset, headset, and speaker. Network Configuration preferences can also be set up.
  • Help-The online help feature gives users information about the phone's keys, buttons, and features. The pixel display allows for greater flexibility of features and significantly expands the information viewed when using features such as Services, Information, Messages, and Directory. For example, the Directory button can show local and server-based directory information.
  • Cisco IP Phones feature high-quality, full-duplex, speakerphone technology. They also include an easy-to-use speaker on/off button and microphone mute button. These buttons are lit when active.
  • XML programmable LCD Screen
  • Line or speed dial buttons
  • Footstand adjustment
  • Soft key functions change depending on the status of the phone (for example, whether you are on a call or the phone is not in use). The key's current function is shown on the LCD screen.
  • i button displays online help for a phone key or function.
  • On-screen Mode buttons provide access to the voice mail system (when available), call histories, directories (when available), phone settings such as contrast and ring type, and network configuration and status information.
  • Volume buttons
  • Function buttons toggle the headset, mute, and speaker functions on and off.
  • 24 user-adjustable ring tones

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